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Consulting my photo gallery is free of charge.

In order to simplify the search only 3 photos are on view for each location. However, you can check more photos in the “View more” section within each set of 3 photos.

If a production company cannot or does not wish to choose among the wide range of photos available, I personally deal with the search, selecting and sending the locations required.

Locations are linked to a code number and are not necessarily updated. They serve as a sort of reference number and will be updated only at the user’s request.

I will check availability and fees of  any location the user selects for pitching at the PPM (Pre-Production Meeting). Once the location is given green light, the owner’s data will be supplied to the user.

Houses are divided into colours GREY, GREEN and RED, depending on.


I reserve the right to arrange and organise personally all procedure as well as tu attend the shooting at the houses when required by owners.

The gallery and the website are constantly being expanded.

All locations are protected by the Data Protection Act and the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, and are classified under security measures.

All photos are my property. It is forbidden to use them with commercial purposes without my permission.


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