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What is the purpose of LocalizacionesBarcelona?

LocalizacionesBarcelonapromotes contact between owners of eventual locations and production companies, agencies and photographers. It does not get involved in any disagreement between owners and producers.

Who searches for photos in this website?

Although this website is aimed particularly at commercial and cinema producers, advertisement agencies and professional photographers, anyone is allowed to consult my photo gallery for free. Locations are classified by codes, and contact data and geographic location are left unidentified (Example: House 10034, 30 km off Barcelona).

What does LocalizacionesBarcelona do with my private data?

It files and classifies any owner’s private data with full safety and protection so that they are not linked to this website. No one can access the data files unless the owner of a location gives permission. It is forbidden to publish the owners’ personal data.

Do I have to pay a commission to LocalizacionesBarcelona if my property gets selected for a filming or a photo session?

No, you don’t have to pay anything to LocalizacionesBarcelona. You will bill the production company, which will pay you the agreed fee before the filming or photo session.

Can I stay at home during the sessions?

Yes, of course you can. Actually, it is advisable to remain at home in case the crew needs to ask you something about the house.

How many people will be working in my house?

It depends on how big the filming session is. Normally the team consists of a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 people (production team, lighting technicians, camera operators, sound and audio technicians, direction team, creative agency, clients, etc.).

In what condition will my house be left after the filming session?

 Your house must be left as it was before the filming session. The production companies have an insurance that covers any damage the filming session may cause. The owners must check that the production company has the insurance in order and is responsible of verifying the state of the house after the filming session.

How much will I be paid for one day of filming?

It depends on the size, style, exclusivity and location of the house. The average fee vary from 2,000 € to 4,000 € per day. But it can reach 6,000 € for very exclusive houses.

How can I withdraw my house from

You just have to contact me and I will block the photos of your house. I will withdraw the photos for good as soon as I check the owner’s identity with a fax including personal data and a photocopy of the DNI (ID card) or VAT number.

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